Wednesday, December 21, 2016

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There are several issues that have impeded the development of the mankind for a long amount of time, or said since the beginning of our civilization. Among all those multiple problems some deficiency special mentioning. On the very first place would come the truth that people completely lack oneness. The second would be the fact that solidarity is absent, also. The modern way of living tends even more to distinguish people as their identity is completely discounted. In order to make this system function better, people are more viewed as operating as small elements of a large system. Indeed, this strategy is exceptionally helpful for the psychological comfort, but surely not for the market of a state that is particular. Unfortunately, this fact has even a long lasting impact - there are fewer gifted people who are capable of thinking out of the carton, individuals with a stunning identity who'd have the ability to become real leaders of their times. Just through all round comprehensive development and a long-lasting, we'll have the capacity to achieve new heights in regards to the evolution of our civilization.

Carl characterizes himself as ‘a full time human being’, somebody who have a world-wide outlook and aims at altering the world for the best when asked to say several words about himself. While growing up he has been examining everything he used to match - ending with sociology and anthropology and starting from photography. Throughout adulthood that is yearly and his youth, he was fact that opened the world’s doors wide in front of him, a keen reader. He appears as a personality that is very versatile in front of his supporters, containing various hypostasis. For some individuals he's a talented writer, for other he's a teacher, for the fourth and third class - sociologist and anthropologist.
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